Op Uitnodiging II

February 23th until 23th of March 2008, Tuingalerie Pulchri Studio, Den Haag


Participating artists: EX-MĘKH – Mark de Weijer, Maarten Schepers, Hans Ensink op Kemna, Kees Koomen and guest artists: Mark van Overeem, Sara Benhamou, Esther Tamboer, Chris Dagradi

Within the Artists Society that Pulchri Studio is the “Tuingalerie” is very suitable for a different kind of presentations and installations. Because of this it fits the strategy that EX-MĘKH has decided to follow, i.c. the organizing of exhibitions in a large variety of  venues of different nature. The challenge of the specific character of this society is an important element for the artists that were invited, individually and as a group. Pulchri Studio, beďng a stronghold of the traditional Art World of Den Haag, seemed a challenging option to us because it represents a different context than the artists inititatives where we usually have our exhibitions.

After “Op Uitnodiging I” at CBK, Apeldoorn we decided to welcome the possibility to invite other artists next to the participants of EX-MĘKH (depending on the possibilities) to be able to react more adequately to the situations that would occur. For this occasion Ellen Rodenberg, who is normally present in EX-MĘKH-activities, excused herself for not being able to participate  and we invited mark de Weijer to take her place. Then, all four of us chose a guest artist and the exhibition will thus be made by eight artists.

Hans Ensink op Kemna suggested the following concept:
Because this space is relatively small, has its limitations because of the windows, the doors and light from above and especially to prevent an image that is too chaotic,  the point of departure has to be identical for every artist. Each will receive a roll of paper and a number of measures related to the space to which his or her work has to comply. The papers have to stay intact and they will be installed next to each other on the walls. The bottom side of the paper will stay free and may partially curl over a piece of the floor. This will result in a fragile but strong three-dimensional image. I expect this to give a sort of uniformity to the exhibition. On the other hand the individual working-space will be limited which will cause a certain tension. Logically this shall result in a stronger individual contribution. The exhibition will move between the boundaries of what is possible in the use of  paper, a material which is the starting point of the creative process for many an artist. The conceptual elements of the project will have its effect on the consciousness in which the imaginary contributions of our colleagues already play their role in the conception of their own work.




Left: Chris Dagradi, right: Maarten Schepers


Front: mark van Overeem, back: Chris Dagradi, right: Hans Ensink op Kemna


fltr: Hans Ensink op Kemna, Kees Koomen, Esther Tamboer, Kees Koomen, Sara Benhamou


fltr:ltr: Hans Ensink op Kemna, Kees Koomen, Esther Tamboer, Kees Koomen, Sara Benhamou, Maarten Schepers, Sara Benhamou


fltr: Esther Tamboer, Kees Koomen, Sara Benhamou, Maarten Schepers, Sara Benhamou, Mark de Weijer


left: Sara Benhamou, right: Mark de Weijer