Beekpark stroomt: Op uitnodiging
7th of October 24th of November 2007, CBK-Apeldoorn


Participants: Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers, Hans Ensink op Kemna

On the basis of documentation of  EX-MKHs project space in the DCR building, painter Kees Koomen is invited to create an installation with the collective in Beekpark 28 in Apeldoorn. Koomen is a painter who is strongly influenced by literature. After working in a more or less anecdotical manner abstraction has started to creep in his work recently. The past year he and EX-MKH made several propositions for exhibition-models, especially designed for specific venues. These models were applied as installations in these spaces, taking into account the specific nature of each place and the public it attracts.

Hans Ensink op Kemna is an artist whose mentality will make you respect him. The work of this painter is rigid, but when you look at it with patience the work will appear to be extremely forceful because of the precise way the artist gains result from the used motives. The paintings are abstract, they study modernism, weighing form and color against each other. Ensink op Kemna also makes installations which are especially constructed for certain spaces chosen by the artist for its light, its atmosphere or its history. These installations modify their surroundings and they are meant as three-dimensional antagonists of  his painting.

Ellen Rodenberg also paints, but her work is more baroque than Ensink op Kemnas art. She systemized her work by working from a selection of motives which she freely uses to make paintings. These paintings are colorful and radiate an enormous energy. The before-mentioned motives are also used in photo-collages and spatial images and they may be changed every hour. It is a way of spatial thinking which connects and is fed by her philosophic interests.

Last but not least, Maarten Schepers is a sculptor who enjoyed a classical sculptural education. Nowadays he also uses modern materials like steel and glass wool and he has an interest in more conceptual activities. Judging and using spaces, whether it be material three-dimensional spaces or social spaces, make him feel challenged to bring such spaces to life. That nature can frustrate culturally defined spaces, but that it can also strengthen them is a theme that I often recognize in his work.






Ellen Rodenberg


Left: Ellen Rodenberg, right: hans Ensink op Kemna


Hans Ensink op Kemna


Maarten Schepers


left: Maarten Schepers, right: Kees Koomen


Kees Koomen: The All American Night