(EX)-MĘKH Takes Five

September 11th – october 11th 2009, n9 Stichting Ruimtevaart – Den Haag


Participants: Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers, Hans Ensink op Kemna, Kees Koomen

Guests: G.J. de Rook, Stijn Peters, Machiel van Soest (part I-II-V)

Roeland Langendoen, Marieke Klop, Nies Vooijs, Barney de Krijger (part III – IV – V)
Commentary: Ineke van der Wal (texts linked under images of Ineke's Textworks)


By invitation of Stichting Ruimtevaart in Den Haag the artist-collective (EX)-MĘKH was able to organize a constantly changing exhibition in their exhibition-space n9. As a part of the exhibition, which can be visited five consecutive weekends, a number of musicians who work in the building, or are in another way connected to Ruimtevaart, will perform during opening hours.


The title of the project, (EX)-MĘKH Takes Five, refers to an expression in Jazz music to take a break during rehearsals. Paul Desmond’s song Take Five was written to give the alto-saxophone player the opportunity to light a cigarette and listen to his fellow musicians during the drum-solo and the piano-solo. During the period that (EX)-MĘKH Takes Five takes place, participating artists get the opportunity to take a break and judge, comment and react on each others work.

The first weekend an exhibiton will be made by Kees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg and guest-artists they will invite. (EX)-MĘKH-members Hans Ensink op Kemna and Maarten Schepers shall install visual reactions on this exhibition for the second weekend. For the third weekend Hans Ensink op Kemna and Maarten Schepers will assemble an exhibition with guest-artists they will invite on which for the  fourth weekend Ellen Rodenberg and Kees Koomen will formulate a visual reaction. Finally, improvising with their work and the guest-artists, using the “call-and-answer”-principle, (EX)-MĘKH will lead the project to a finale in the fifth weekend in which the sum of everything that happened before will lead to an impressive final chord. During this extensive jam-session engagement of the participants is vital to make the project work!



Machiel van Soest


Back: Roeland Langendoen, floor: Ellen Rodenberg


G.J. de Rook


G.J. de Rook


G.J. de Rook


Ellen Rodenberg


Ellen Rodenberg


Ellen Rodenberg


Stijn Peeters


Stijn Peeters (detail)


Overzicht: links Stijn Peeters, rechts Kees Koomen: Consideranza


Kees Koomen: Of You, Me and the River


Kees Koomen: Of You, Me and the River


Ellen Rodenberg




Links: Kees Koomen, rechts: Stijn Peters


Maarten Schepers (reactie)


Performance bij afsluiting: Muzikanten Paul Claui en Jan Borchers, video Ellen Rodenberg


Ineke van der Wal: Comments on a project. (click for texts)



Maarten Schepers


Maarten Schepers


Maarten Schepers


Roeland Langendoen


Roeland Langendoen (back left), Hans Ensink op Kemna (back), Marieke Klop (front)


Barney de Krijger


Nies Vooijs





 Kees Koomen: Toscane (back, reacting), Ellen Rodenberg (front, reacting) Hans Ensink op Kemna (right)

Ellen Rodenberg (left, reacting) Hans Ensink op Kemna (back left), Nies Vooijs (front), Marieke Klop ( back right)


Kees Koomen: Selfportrait through a Surveillance-camera (left up, reacting)
Marieke Klop (middle)


Roeland Langendoen (back), Ellen Rodenberg (front, reacting)


Kees Koomen: Personae II (reacting)
From left to right: Machiel van Soest, Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen, Roeland Langendoen


 Kees Koomen: Selfportrait on a surveillance-camera (front, reacting)
Barney de Krijger (back)


Ellen Rodenberg: Stage for performance with music, film screening and video


Roeland Langendoen (back left) Ellen Rodenberg (floor left, reacting), Maarten Schepers


Ellen Rodenberg (left, reacting), Hans Ensink op Kemna (back), Nies Vooijs (front)



Hans Ensink op Kemna (left), Roeland Langendoen (right)


G.J. de Rook (windows), Maarten Schepers


Kees Koomen (left), Stijn Peeters (right)


Barney de Krijger (left), Roeland Langendoen (right)


Nies Vooijs (left), Ellen Rodenberg (middle), Hans Ensink op Kemna (right)


Hans Ensink op Kemna (left), Maarten Schepers (front), Ellen Rodenberg (back)


Ineke van der Wal (texts, click for commentary), Roeland Langendoen


Kees Koomen: Arena


Kees Koomen: Arena