EX-M╩KH: Equilibrium
Platforms project 2019, Athens (GR) - May 16-19, 2019



Overview installation

Maarten Schepers - Z.T.

Detail installation

Kees Koomen - Lynx

Maarten Schepers - Untitled

Overview part of installation


Left: Kees Koomen - Shard, right: Ellen Rodenber - Z.T.

Left Up: Ellen Rodenberg: Untitled, left under: Kees Koomen - Shard,  right side: Ellen Rodenberg - Untitled

Ellen Rodenberg - Untitled

Oversight part of Installation, Text -Kees Koomen

Left up: Kees Koomen - shard, right up: Maarten Schepers - Untitled
above: Ellen Rodenberg - Z.T.

Maarten Schepers - Untitled

Big painting: Ellen Rodenberg - Untitled, sculpture: Maarten Schepers - Untitled

Kees Koomen - Amore

Oversight right side installation

left: Kees Koomen - Rape, Right side: Kees Koomen - Shard

Ellen Rodenberg: Untitled

Colaborative Efforts: Various Artists and Maarten Schepers

Colaborative Efforts: Sandra Gea (Malta), Ellen Rodenberg and Kees Koomen

Colaborative Efforts: Lucius Pax and Kees Koomen

Maarten Schepers had a talk at Beton7 Art Radio

Ellen Rodenberg has co÷rdinated the Education Programme

Ellen Rodenberg instructing the volunteers in the Kids Workshop Space and having them be´ng creative themselves

Do´ng Tours all over the fair to teach them how to do it

And during the fair workshops were very popular

And so was EX-M╩KH during the tours!