Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, Den Haag
September 20 until October 6, 2019

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. When there are more points, a web will connect. Some connections will be used intensively, others find themselves on the edge. In this exhibition Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen and Maarten Schepers will chart the EX-MKH network developed in the past thirteen years.
For this occasion they have invited artists that had an influence on them: Marian Wijnvoord (Berlin), Frans van Lent (Dordrecht) and Niels Post (Rotterdam).


Entrance exhibition space

Repoussoir: Ellen Rodenberg, Textwork: Niels Post

Maarten Schepers

Ellen Rodenberg

Front: Maarten Schepers, back: Marian Wijnvoord

Textwork back: Niels Post, paintings: Kees Koomen, sculpture: Maarten Schepers

front: Ellen Rodenberg, back: Kees Koomen

Kees Koomen

Kees Koomen: Shard from the Diaries

Painting left: Marian Wijnvoord, at right - kees Koomen: The Diaries: September 16 - October 6, 2019

Kees Koomen

Kees Koomen, performing during Hoogtij (picture: Albertus Pieters, Villa Next Door)

Front: Ellen Rodenberg, back: Kees Koomen

Front: Maarten Schepers, paintings back: Marian Wijnvoord

From left to right: Marian Wijnvoord, Maarten Schepers, Ellen Rodenberg

Front: Ellen Rodenberg, back: sculpture - Maarten Schepers, paintings - Kees Koomen

Paintings left: Kees Koomen, sculpture: Maarten Schepers, painting right: Marian Wijnvoord

Left: Niels Post, centre: Maarten Schepers, back: Kees Koomen

Maarten Schepers

Marian Wijnvoord

Niels Post

Front right: Ellen Rodenberg, back: Maarten Schepers, Marian Wijnvoord

Maarten Schepers, Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen

Niels Post, Maarten Schepers, Ellen Rodenberg

Frans van Lent performing

After which order is restored

13 years EX-MKH in invitations


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