Stage Arousal

Platforms Project NET 2021 - May 27 - June 10, 2021 - online

This year also EX-MKH participates in the on-line Platforms Project again , its the art-fair in Athens for independent art-platforms all over the world. This time we decided to collaborate with the international Artist Collective KRAATZ and with the Berlin based independent art platform A TRANS, both of which we have worked with before. 
KRAATZ shows the video Idioliths which I interpret as an inspired contemplation on elements in our exhibition FEMALER in Berlin last fall. We also collaborate with the independent Berlin based art-platform A-TRANS that compiled its activities in video. EX-MKH produced a video in which their working method is shown: Stage Arousal! It shows how we have a place to exhibit and build up a show. We decided to include performance, because video is time-based, as is performance. Please click under the picture underneath to visit the EX-MKH page. Videos can be seen from May 27!


Platforms Project NET 2021 - April 5 - 11 - online

To see EX-MKH's page click the image!

On the 27th of May Platforms Project in Athens starts a 2021 edition of an on-line art-fair for independent artist initiatives. More than ninety participants shall contribute. On the 5th of April these initiatives start an online teaser on the Platforms Project-site in which they present themselves. Platforms Project invited EX-MKH so we decided to show our individual studio work by making a video about what our practice looks like. We started out by making a model of the booth we normally present ourselves in and tried to work with that. But eventually we found this so interesting that we decided to see that as a model for the real fair. We shot a video in a-real life booth about which we are very satisfied. we will show that video, Stage Arousal, when the real fair opens in May. For the teaser we find it interesting to put the emphasis on the fact that EX-MKH is the collaboration of three individuals with each their own practice. We each shot a video about our how we work and put those together. You can see them online on the site of Platforms Project from the fifth of April.

This is a picture of the booth-model that we used for the first idea: