RE:Rotterdam tijdens Art Rotterdam - 8 t/m 12 februari 2012


During RE:Rotterdam each of the three artists that collaborate in EX-MKH will make use of his or her own seperate space. These three spaces are next and opposite each other, together they will show a solo exhibition by EX-MKH consisting of three solo-exhibitions of it's members. This will be shown in the context of Re: Rotterdam which takes place together with the fairs of Art Rotterdam, RAW Rotterdam and Paviljoen Rotterdam.










Solo Kees Koomen: Acht gouaches met culturele helden van de kunstenaar en een video (Consideranza - 2009)



Vlnr: Harold Rosenbaum, Thomas Wolfe, John Dewey


Vlnr: Harold Rosenbaum, Thomas Wolfe, John Dewey, Goya, Ezra Pound


Ter linkerzijde: Luis Buuel, Paul Celan, Ren Danils



Solo Maarten Schepers

Z.T. - 2012




Z.T. - 2011


Solo Ellen Rodenberg: Installatie met schilderijen en verschillende materialen




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