Collateral Zone

Platforms Project  2017 - May 20 until 26, Athene (GR)



Oversight booth EX-MKH


Maarten Schepers: Untitled


Maarten Schepers: Untitled - detail


Oversight, foreground Ellen Rodenberg, left and back: Kees Koomen


Ellen Rodenberg: Untitled


Ellen Rodenberg in her installation


Kees Koomen: Donna mi prega - installation
Walk-Don't walk - drawing


Kees Koomen: Walk - Don't Walk


Ellen Rodenberg: Untitled


Impomptu piece by Ellen Rodenberg


See trough with works by Ellen Rodenberg and Kees Koomen


EX-MKH was invited by The Lo and Behold for a group show and contributed a collaborative effort, with work of Linda Weiss on the right


Greek press published about the exhibition with a picture of a piece of Ellen Rodenberg from the Malieveld project


All members of EX-MKH participated in the Unnoticed Art exhibit on the inside of Frans van Lents' jacket


Kees Koomen was interviewed by George Oreopoulos of  Athens No. 1 Culture program at  Beton Radio