Donna mi prega
P.S.: Don't miss this, it is live! Performancefestival P.S. at Hoogtij March 10, 2017
The Hague Youth Factory, Den Haag

I came walking into the space unanounced and lay down on a bed of newspapers. After sleeping for 10 minutes I stood up
and climbed the ladder that I had with me. I started reading the poem "donna mi prega" by Guido Cavalcanti in an
English  translation by Ezra Pound.


After that I lay down on the newspapers again


After about five minutes, I stood up, took my stuff and left again


Performance for P.S. at Ruimtevaart, Den Haag - January 22, 2017

I sat down in a break of the program, closed my nose, ears, eyes, mouth and clenched my hands into fists in order to stop my senses to get any input for 15 minutes


Plane to perform (for Jasper Johns)
Malieveld 2 april 2016.

 This is the basis for a performance for which I asked all participants in the anneversary-edition of the Malieveld-project to stand on the edge of
the plane,  face looking outside the plane. Then I asked them to take a hundred steps. After every ten steps the direction should be changed.
The result can be seen in the video.


Start Performance from a Plane


Darf ich auf Ihren Gedanken mit fahren?
Finissage Augentausch, A-Trans Art platform October 31, Berlin (D)


During a crowded closure of the exhibition "Augentausch" I started hitchhiking n the gallery.  when people would ask what I was dong
I would ask them if I could take a hitch on their thoughts. If the person in question would say yes I tookhis/her hand to go through the
exhibition, talking about the works on display.

Alliance - 2015






Unnoticed Retreat
Presentation Catalogue Unnoticed Art Festival - A bus in Dordtrecht, January 1, 2015


The Unnoticed Art Festival, Final Presentation - August 31 2014, Pictura Dordrecht


Mirror Man
The Second Explodes, May 2nd,  2014 Kunsthalle Autocentre Lana , Lana (IT)


The Diaries, January 26th 2014 a selfportrait
Fuck Focus, Buro Rotterdam, Rotterdam - January 26th 2014

During the closure of the EX-MKH exhibition Fuck Focus I sat down and wrote on stikers what I saw around me and what it made me think of.
Maarten Schepers stuck the stickers on my head so that it became a readable selfportrait in that situation in Buro Rotterdam at that moment.


 Venice Laguna, The Diaries 19 augustus 2010 (ism Topp & Dubio)
Malieveld Den Haag, September 21th, 2013

A memory from my diary of the poles standing upright in the Venice laguna to keep the ships on their routes.


Structural Analysis looking for Focus
Malieveld Den Haag, September 7th 2013


Malieveld Den Haag, June 22nd, 2013



Zero the Hero
Malieveld @ Pier Scheveningen April 20th 2013 - Manifestatie Henk=0



The Lying Poet - 2012
Quartair, Den Haag May 19th 2012 - opening EX-MKH: Cadavre Exquis