The Unnoticed Art Festival, Final Presentation - August 31 2014, Pictura Dordrecht


Mirror Man
The Second Explodes, May 2nd,  2014 Kunsthalle Autocentre Lana , Lana (IT)


The Diaries, January 26th 2014 a selfportrait
Fuck Focus, Buro Rotterdam, Rotterdam - January 26th 2014



 Venice Laguna, The Diaries 19 augustus 2010 (ism Topp & Dubio)
Malieveld Den Haag, September 21th, 2013



Structural Analysis looking for Focus
Malieveld Den Haag, September 7th 2013


Malieveld Den Haag, June 22nd, 2013



Zero the Hero
Malieveld @ Pier Scheveningen April 20th 2013 - Manifestatie Henk=0



The Lying Poet - 2012
Quartair, Den Haag May 19th 2012 - opening EX-MKH: Cadavre Exquis