Shifting Reality
Platforms Project 2018 - May 16-20, 2018, Athens (GR)


The project we wanted to realise is “Shifting Reality” in which we expected the public to participate in making collages from newspapers from the Eastern Mediteranean region. The newspapers will be bought anew every day and they will contain the news of the day. We will contribute also, but we don’t read Greek, Turkish, Georgian, Azerbeidjani, Russian a.s. In this way we will create another “Cadavre exquis” in which text and image will be juxtaposed in unexpected ways. We also want the public to act as artist, that is: to be co-author of the collages we will make each day.
As a note to all this I will make five Athens-Diary drawings during the Fair in which I will note my personal experience as a contrast to all the stuff from the news.


The Invitation Card, inspiration for Maarten Schepers to use a frame in which the collages will be shown.


The General Set Up before the fair started.


In a TV-interview Artemis Potamianou was questioned about Platforms project with our invitation-card on the background.


The newspapers we used were bought daily at Omonia Square


And the papers were made available in the booth


The first trials by EX-MÊKH


During the opening the fair was overcrowded, lots of people were participating, cutting pictures from the newspapers
and glueing them on the collage.


At the end of the day the result was put into the Frame


And next day this was the example for new visitors. The new collages were put over the old ones.


The cutting and pasting old-school style was done enthousiastically again


And certainly the details were great


Lots of colleages also loved to participate, like this lady from a Turkish Art-Platform


At times we had some explaining to do...


but results were terrific!


This was collage #2, result of the second day!


Of course, newspapers should be read also


Until Allesandra Falbo, our colleague from London, came in and wanted to put her stuff up on the wall


As before, results were very satisfying


And the enthousiasm of the Greek public overwhelming


Of course, politics could not be avoided!


And in the end of the third day, this collage was the result, with a strong EX-MÊKH signature by Ellen Rodenberg


On the side, Kees Koomen's Athens Diary was expanding


Day four, the last day. All the time children had also been helping with the collage

Which looked like this on the end of the day, without the frame.


The result of the Athens Diary, Five days in Athens


And these are all the collages that were made during the Platforms project, the result of four days public participation!


Platforms Project 2018